Meet The Team


Richard O'Connor


A desire to make a difference and a love of people and exercise, inspired my entry into the wellness industry in 1991. In that time I have worked in many capacities within Fitness specifically, including creating two businesses, one educational (est 2007), focussing on professional development, and a Personal training gym which was established in 2002 that I still operate today in Robina.

During this time I have had the opportunity to care for many people from diverse backgrounds with varying health and wellness challenges and help them achieve their individual goals. Many of these people for almost 20 years.

Along the way my interest in mental health has deepened, leading me to undertake my Bachelor of Counselling degree at Griffith University Gold Coast. Walk and Talk for Wellness is another small way I hope to make a difference in the lives of the people in my community.

I look forward to walking and talking
with you soon!

Richard is available at our Benowa Botanic Gardens location on the Gold Coast


Debra Bath


One of the things that really motivates me is meeting people from all walk of life. Everyone has a unique story to tell! 

I’ve worked as a lecturer for the past 20 years, and I love being part of the learning process, inspiring others and being inspired by the people around me. This flows into my work as a counsellor and psychologist, where I have the privilege of being with young people and adults, supporting them in their journey through difficult life transitions, learning about themselves and the world around them.

A big part of what I enjoy about teaching and counselling is the creativity that comes with developing new ideas, and in my role as the Program Director for the Bachelor of Counselling at Griffith University, I have the privilege of working with a great team to develop Walk and Talk for Wellness from just an idea into a reality. People are what make life worthwhile, and this program is all about making connections with others, nature and the world around us, and steering a path towards better well-being. 


I look forward to hearing many stories as we walk and talk!

Jo on beach.jpg

Jo Mitchell

Counsellor trainee

I love people, listening to them and hearing their stories.  Hi, my name is Jo and I am a Bachelor of Counselling student at Griffith University, and for most of my professional life, I have coached and guided people to realise their true potential and their place in this life.

As someone who worked in senior management for over 20 years, I had the rewarding experience of meeting, inspiring and coaching people from all different walks of life. I’ve always been that person people were drawn to and felt comfortable telling their life story to and show their vulnerabilities.  My interest in people, lead me to explore a profession in mental health, which I absolutely love and it’s given me the professional knowledge to enhance the skills I already had.

My passion is giving people the acknowledgement, care, and voice that they may not felt they had.  I believe it’s important for everyone to feel heard and be given the opportunity to share thoughts they may not have been comfortable previously. As my self-awareness grew through my studies, I realised the importance of trust and empowering people to give them these opportunities.

I’m excited to be part of the Walk and Talk for Wellness program and really look forward to meeting and chatting with you.

Jo is available at our Benowa Botanic Gardens location on the Gold Coast


Aimee Keith

Counsellor trainee

Hi, I'm Aimee.

I've always wanted to be an advocate for those who have had difficulty speaking out for themselves since I was a child. My desire to serve others got stronger as I grew older. I used to work as a nurse at the GUCH mental health ward, where I learned more about mental health and psychology. After that, I realised I wanted to pursue it further, so I began studying psychology and counselling.


What inspires me about the walk and talk programme is walking alongside others, being involved, and listening to their experiences. Hearing peoples stories and knowing I can be there to listen and allow others to feel heard is what motivates me to be a counsellor. I've worked on active listening and communication skills in the classroom and in the community throughout the years. Creating trust with clients is also very important to me. I'm also gaining a better understanding of myself, my self-awareness, and my readiness to change. 


At the walk and talk programme, I'm looking forward to joining new people. 


Lewis Yarrow

Counsellor trainee

Greetings, my name is Lewis and I am a Bachelor of Counselling Student.  

I have always been curious about other people’s stories, who they are, where they come from, and what their hopes and dreams may be. This curiousness has been the driving force for my university studies and my desire to volunteer for those who need it the most.


My desire to be a counsellor, was reinforced by my previous volunteering position at DrugARM central intake. Where I had the tremendous privilege of not only listen to a client’s deep-felt concerns with empathy and kind regard, but also providing them with face-to-face counsellors across Australia. I endeavour to apply this same mentality to the walk and talk for wellness program which I feel very fortunate to be a part of. 

I hope that when we meet face to face, that I can facilitate an enjoyable, warm, and open session, where you feel truly heard and appreciated.   

Lewis is available at our Benowa Botanic Gardens location on the Gold Coast


Janelle Nicholson

Counsellor trainee

Hi my name is Janelle. I am final year Bachelor of Counselling student.


I have 30 years experience working with families in the childcare sector, and am

currently working in the NDIS sector as a Regional Area Facilitator for participants and their families. 

I love meeting new people, connecting with them, and supporting them in whatever life journey they are on.

I look forward to walking and talking with you!

Janelle is available at our Underwood Park location in Brisbane